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Who we are

We're a collective of creators pushing for a bright future. We believe in the open pursuit of knowledge for the greater good, and that creators can grow exponentially via support from other creators. Now, the place for connecting all the dots is finally here.

Blockchain technology is a fluid, open system that is well suited to help us catalyze change. MNTR are creators and thinkers forming an organization to help shape the future together. By gathering those seeking to create change, MNTR aims to take these new opportunities to creators to succeed in a multitude of ways.


We invite all creators who share this vision and these principles:

Support and Inclusion

Everyone is here to learn, meaning that even new members should be treated just the same as established names.


Do your best to keep a positive spirit. MNTR is largely a self-policed community. Moderators don't actively monitor and police every message, but a negative voice and vibe can be precedent for penalties.

Peace Of Mind

We encourage members to assume good faith and to respect others' willingness to share their thoughts without having to worry that they could be used against them. Within MNTR, members can feel confident to share personal things and information that they may not feel comfortable sharing in public. In short, what is said on MNTR — stays on MNTR.

This is our foundation. The more it grows, the more it's on you to help ensure the group retains the values that helped get the community to the future.

Let's grow together.